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Sample Medical School Residency Application Essay

Another excellent free grad school application essay designed to help inspire aspiring medical school students with your residency application.

When I was five years old, my grandmother asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. After precociously pondering the query, I responded, “A doctor or a taxi cab driver.” Obviously, my options were somewhat limited at that juncture. As I aged, though, my career aspirations broadened to include fields like the social sciences, education, and the Spanish language. While careers in these areas certainly seemed attractive, I ultimately decided that the field of medicine best encompassed my varied interests and passion for service. I thus enrolled in medical school, an educational experience I have greatly enjoyed. Now, I seek training in an internal medicine residency program to prepare myself for a career that will best allow me to fully utilize my skills.

A multitude of personal experiences have prepared me to excel in this specialty. At Michigan State University, where I studied biobehavioral health, I involved myself in many health-care-related activities. For example, I worked as an interventionist with the Alcohol Intervention Program, educating students who had violated the campus drinking policy and teaching them behavior-modification techniques. This notably improved my interpersonal skills, as effectively guiding each client towards positive behavioral modifications required me to intimately understand his or her unique point of view. The invaluable experience equipped me with skills that will undoubtedly prove valuable when interviewing patients in a clinical setting.

Studying Spanish for eight years, ultimately earning a minor in the language at Michigan State, built my linguistic abilities into a tool that will vastly aid my medical practice. In advanced classes, discussions focused on Latin-American culture fascinated me about societies with very different perspectives on family and healthcare. Intrigued, I thus took two month-long trips to Guatemala after college to gain clinical experience with Latin American patients. Those journeys reinforced my conviction that American physicians must develop substantial cultural understanding and sensitivity to effectively treat patients from diverse backgrounds.

During a summer off from medical school, I interned with Congreso de Latinos Unidos’ Esfuerzo program, an HIV/AIDS prevention and education program aimed at Latino residents. As an intern, I assisted with client home visits and paperwork, facilitated HIV support group meetings, and gave lectures on important health topics. This internship enhanced my understanding of the relationship between poverty and pathology, and sparked my interest in complex adult medicine.

Throughout medical school, I found internal medicine increasingly appealing, particularly the broad range of pathology encompassed by the field. Additionally, I enjoy the constant problem solving demanded by internal medicine, from working up complex cases to addressing common inpatient issues such as spiking temperatures or a change in mental status. I find thinking through problems, drafting plans of action, and following patients throughout an entire course of treatment extremely rewarding. In doing so, I form relationships with patients, thereby preventing disease and enhancing health while educating others.

More than just being fascinated by internal medicine, I possess the skills needed to excel in this demanding specialty. As a compassionate individual who enjoys getting to know her patients, I will always go the extra mile to ensure that they receive the attention they deserve. I am also strongly committed to patient education, believing that enabling patients to take greater responsibility for their own health leads to improved disease prevention. Moreover, my proficiency in Spanish and understanding of Latino culture will enable me to effectively work with a diverse patient population. Lastly, my commitment to lifelong learning means that I will constantly educate myself about the latest advances in medical diagnostics and treatments.

While a residency in internal medicine will be enormously trying, I am not intimidated by the challenge but instead look forward to it. My passion for providing excellent health care will make me a valuable addition to your residency program, as I will strive to learn as much as possible while simultaneously contributing to my teachers, colleagues, and patients. Armed with the training garnered there, I aspire to realize my professional and humanitarian dreams, happy to have chosen medicine over a career as a taxi driver.

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Hello! I need help in editing this essay! It is for a internship for the summer. All help is appreciated! Thanks :)

Prompt: Please describe your interest in the SIP, including your science and research background, academic accomplishments, and future science career plans and goals.

Langston Hughes once said "Hold Fast to dreams for if dreams die, life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly." I have held my dream of one day becoming a doctor ever since I was eight years old. My interest in the medical field not only pertains to the practical aspect, but to the research aspect as well. I want to be able to experience what it feels like to be the one saving lives, but also to be the one finding a cure. Although, I will not have the opportunity to fulfill the first desire until I get into medical school, applying for this internship will give me the chance to carry out my latter wish. Moreover, this internship will enable me to obtain the ideal research and social experience.

Because of my aspirations, I have committed myself solely to my academics particularly in science. Since I love to learn new things, and I value the significance of an education, it is not a problem for me. I have enhanced my learning ability in science through participation in my high school wide Science Fairs, where I received two first place medals for my science fair projects, one in both my freshman and junior year. My research experience included preparing advanced research projects in the area of behavioral science. In this behavioral research, my purpose was to analyze high school students' (specifically 11th grade) opinion on school discipline since it is a continuous problem in schools today. My research question was, "What are high school student's perspective on the most effective way to discipline students?" To perform this analysis, I utilized q-methodology, the study of subjectivity or in simpler terms, a person's point of view on a matter, as a tool to explain the student's perspective on school discipline. It included constructing a questionnaire or a q-sample, on the particular topic and distributing them among the people involved in the analysis. As this project applied only to my school, I implemented the use of my school's discipline system and program to perform my analysis.

Along with my science achievements, I have been awarded for my academic accomplishments. I had the honor of graduating from high school with summa cum laude and participating in Honor Society. (What should I add here?)

With this limited science and research experience, I would like to expand my knowledge and learn more about the research world. This program would be an amazing opportunity for my future ambitions. This chance can help me further understand the medical field I want to study and provide me with insights that will prepare me for my college years and medical school. I would also gain more insight in the research world and how it works. Even more, meeting people with similar interests like me is worthwhile.

Overall, I really hope that I will be chosen to partake in this once in a lifetime opportunity because it would open up so many doors for me. My skills in learning, listening, and speaking would be enhanced which is important for my medical interest. This experience can practically change my life, and for the better. Even more, being in the presence of faculty researchers on a one-to-one scale will prepare me for future internships. It can set me off on my road to success in doing what I desire: Helping the world be a better place.

Langston Hughes once said, "hold fast to dreams..." I am pretty sure that's how it goes, though I'm not sure if that particular was capitalized that way for a reason...

"What are high school students' perspectives on the most ..." (since there's more than one high school student...)

When I was writing my essays, I feel like a lot of sources told me to cut out laundry-listing anything that could already be found on a resume. So when you list your accomplishments, it shouldn't be on the essay, but on the transcript. Thus, I don't think you need to add anything there- maybe even take away what you've got.

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