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Super Size Me Numerous individuals around the world are familiar with McDonald’s and its unhealthy menu; however, that does not stop many from visiting the fast food giant. Super Size Me is an in-depth film by Morgan Spurlock, which shows viewers his journey from healthy eating to becoming a fast food junkie. Viewers are able to see the damage that the unhealthy food from McDonald’s causes while Spurlock eats three meals a day from the fast food chain. Spurlock visits three schools, each with different meal programs. The differences in the healthy and unhealthy choices made by the schools are abundantly clear. Audiences also become aware of how effective advertisers are in securing business for unhealthy food products. Spurlock’s…show more content…

Watching him wake up early in the morning having a hard time breathing and complaining of heart palpitations makes even the most avid McDonald’s patron want to stop eating their harmful food. During a checkup after experiencing the heart palpitations, Dr. Isaacs tells Spurlock “Your cholesterol is now 225 and your liver is inflamed.” The doctor advises him to stop eating McDonald’s’ food. It is shocking to see that after only two weeks on a McDonald’s diet an individual can become severely ill. Dr. Isaacs tells Spurlock “You are pickling your liver much like an alcoholic does when drinking. My advice is to stop. Stop this fatty diet.” Two weeks later Spurlock’s final weigh-in indicates that he has gone from 185.5 lbs. to 210 lbs. He has gained a total of 24.5 lbs., which has increased his total body fat from 11% to 18%. It is astonishing to see that thirty days of a fast food diet can cause so much damage to an individual’s body. The unhealthy effect fast food has on the body is no longer deniable to individuals who have seen the film. Schools play a vital role in the health and well-being of their students. Spurlock gives viewers a look into three different schools and the nutrition they supply their students. Madison Jr. High in Naperville, Illinois outsources their food services to Sodexho Alliance. Sodexho Alliance provides students with many unhealthy lunch choices. Among their food choices are french fries,

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Super Size Me, by Morgan Spurlock Essay

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Documentary Film Analysis Paper In a society that is facing numerous problems, such as economic devastation, one major problem is often disregarded, growing obesity. As the American society keeps growing, so does growth of the fast food industry and the epidemic of obesity. In order to further investigate the main cause of obesity, Morgan Spurlock, the film director and main character, decides to criticize the fast food industry for its connection with obesity in America. In his documentary Spurlock performs a radical experiment that drives him to eat only from McDonald's and order a super-sized meal whenever he is asked. By including visual and textual techniques, rhetorical appeals, and argumentative evidences, Morgan Spurlock was able…show more content…

One example of a graph is the progress of Spurlock's health throughout the thirty days. He uses a pictograph to analyze the changes in areas regarding health, weight gain, and fat percentage. This graph shows that he has gained almost 25 pounds, increased cholesterol rate, prone for deleterious risk for heart problems, emotional and sexual exhaustion, and the development of a fatty liver. By analyzing the graph, the viewers can see how Spurlock's diet has led to many risky health conditions. By including many examples of visual and textual evidences in his documentary, Spurlock was able to reveal how eating fast food is a prime cause of obesity and health problems. He uses visuals and texts to help explain the credibility of the film, the logic behind it, and the appeal to audience. The credibility of the film helps shows how dangerous it is to eat fast food constantly. By performing this experiment, Spurlock became a credible source to report the obesity problem. The health analysis graph in the film and his daily documentation helps concede the logic in the film. They help provide solid evidences to the risks faced by eating fast food and how it is related to future health problems. But overall, most of the visuals and texts are utilized to try appealing to the emotions of the audience. Spurlock especially uses this to have the audience experience one of the most common problem that is faced by many Americans

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