Dissertation Disruptive Innovation Conference

Innovation undoubtedly plays a crucial role in creating and developing of market share, revenue, growth and profit at an organizational level. Innovation strategy is considered to be one of the key elements of corporate strategies since it determines where, when and what type of innovation is needed to be implemented. In this manner, common approach tells the business leaders to listen to their customer base and direct investments in products which target desired profit margin. However, this approach ignores the emergence of disruptive forces and eventually, will cause the demise of the companies. The major focus of this study is to investigate the determining factors of embracing disruptive innovation by an incumbent, through setting up an example from the Airline Industry in Turkey. Furthermore, by doing so, the study's goal is to reveal the power of disruptive forces and investigating the rapid response given by an industry leader. In this study, qualitative case study methodology is selected since the research question is contemporary in character and the process is continual.

In 2014, Andrew Sears, our President and Executive Director, completed his dissertation in Disruptive Innovation in Higher Education as part of his doctorate from Bakke Graduate University.

As a result of this work, he was invited to present before a gathering of Christian college presidents from the Coalition of Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU) that was convened by the Maclellan Foundation.

To bring the ideas from his dissertation on Disruptive Education in Higher Education to a wider audience, he created a free MOOC on disruptive innovation in higher education in Udemy. It contains 23 lectures and over 5 hours of content on the subject. Over 1000 students have taken it so far.

He has also spoken in front of a range of audiences in Christian higher education, including a group from LeTourneau University and one from Azusa Pacific University.

He has brought these ideas before secular audiences as well, such as at the DEAC conference and through a series of blog posts for the Clayton Christensen Institute (Part 2).

More recently, he has convened a email-based discussion group of innovative leaders in Christian higher education called CHEIA: the Christian Higher Education Innovation Alliance. Together, they are working on initiatives to increase higher education affordability and access, and to bridge the gap between accredited and unaccredited institutions.

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