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Re: Spouse visa: written statement about yr relationship

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Hi all,

For those of us submitting Spouse/Partner Visa's....

How long should the 'written statement regarding the history of your relationship' be? I've almost finished mine and it's approx 6 pages (typed on A4 paper) but I think this is too long. However, I'm strugging to edit it down as I think the details are important and it also explains some of our 'evidence' such as travel tickets, etc.

Can anyone out there advise on what they did? Number of pages, or even a word count would be really helpful!

Thanks folks,
Mine was beginning to become an essay, so this is what we've done.

Each of us have written a brief 'summary' statement of 3-4 sides of A4. The we've written a longer resume of our relationship using the titles of financial/emtional/physical support etc as suggested in the guidelines. That's about 10+ pages long.

It is a lot of info, but then we've been together nearly 5 years and so there's a lot of ground to cover. We're also sticking in a sheet with key dates and events.

No more than 1000 words (two sides of A4, preferably less).
First give a brief rundown of your relationship history, with significant events highlighted like first meeting, engagement, marriage etc.
Spell out your current and future plans. Say something about why you have decided to have your future together in UK.
Explain special circumstances, such as why you haven't been able to travel as much you like to see each other (e.g. through pressure of work, caring for a sick relative).

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