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The latest 'modern combat' entry in the Battlefield franchise, and the 12th installment overall, Battlefield 4 is a direct sequel to the 2011 game Battlefield 3.The game takes place in 2020, six years after the events of BF3. The war between the United States and the Russian Federation continues, but it seems the Chinese have an interest in the war as well...A 17-minute trailer has been released, showcasing segments from the single-player prologue. You can watch it here, while a multiplayer trailer for the Siege of Shanghai map is here.A closed beta was released on October 1st, 2013, for players who had Premium from BF3. An open beta released on October 4th. The game was released on October 29, 2013.The first expansion pack, China Rising, had been announced as bundled with the retail game, containing four multiplayer maps, additional weapons and gadgets, and two new gameplay modes: Air Superiority and Defuse. BF4 Premium members got early access since December 2, with December 17 as release date for regular users.The second DLC, aptly named Second Assault, was released on February 18th for Premium members and March 4th for regular players. It reintroduced several maps from previous game with added features: Gulf of Oman, which now has a large sandstorm cover the field partway through the battle; Operation Metro, which now has chunks of the ceiling that can be dropped on enemies by shooting out the wooden supports; Operation Firestorm, which has added effects for when the oil wells are destroyed; and Caspian Border, which has a wall splitting the map that must be crossed for the two forces to reach one another. Capture the Flag returns as a new playable game mode, brought over from BF3.The third DLC, Naval Strike, was first released on March 27th and made generally available on April 15th. It features four whole, new island-based maps, new weapons and gadgets, and a new game mode called "Carrier Assault", an homage to the Titan game mode of Battlefield 2142.The fourth DLC, Dragon's Teeth was initially released on July 15th, and subsequently released for regular players on July 29th. It features new weapons, equipment and four urban-centric battlegrounds, spanning across the South-East Asian regions of Shanghai, Thailand, Hong Kong and North Korea. The DLC also introduces a new, high octane gameplay mode titled: Chain Link.The fifth and final DLC, Final Stand was released on 18 November, again early for Premium members, and then two weeks later for regular players. It features futuristic technology such as the XD-1 Accipiter - an experimental anti-missile drone, a new target detector attachment for carbines and marksman rifles and equipment like the DS-3 Decoy - a radar jammer of sorts. There are also several Call Backs from BF2142 in the form of early prototypes, like the Rorsch Mk-1, a handheld railgun, and the HT-95 Levkov, a hovertank.Post-DLC launches, DICE has continued to support the game and release new content, even beyond the release of the next game in the series, Battlefield Hardline. A free DLC pack called the Weapons Crate Pack was released in May 2015, adding five new weapons to every player's inventory. A map pack titled Night Operations was released early September 2015 with a patch and one night-time version of an existing vanilla map, with more to come. In addition, a community-made map as well as a remake of Battlefield 2's Dragon Valley followed in December 2015.

Battlefield 4 provides examples of:

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     General Tropes 

  • A.K.A.-47:
    • The Armsel Striker is again called DAO-12, as per series tradition. The Cheytac Intervention is called SRR-61, after the Jordanian army sniper team. The Heckler & Koch HK416 is called M416. The Beretta ARX160 becomes AR-160. Averted with the Ares Shrike machine gun - the AWS label is part of the Shrike's full designation.
    • The variants of the AK-12 have mostly fictional names (though this is to be expected for some since most of their real names are unknown due to their Rare Guns status) - the carbine (AK-12U), shotgun (AK-12/76) and marksman rifle (SVK-12) are called AKU-12, DBV-12 (persumably standing for 'drobovik', the Russian word for 'shotgun'), and SVD-12 (despite having no commonality with the Dragunov sniper rifle) respectively.
    • The name given to the Chinese CS/LR3 sniper rifle "FY-JS" is actually taken from a Chinese military enthusiast message board named Feiyang Junshi (rough trans: High-Flying Military). Whether this is a misinterpretation of some image watermarks or a deliberate nod to a helpful source is unknown.
    • Also notable is an inversion. Like the Striker, the Arctic Warfare Magnum is usually misnamed in Battlefield games as the L96A1 (the British designation for the Precision Marksman). A later patch in 4 fixed the name, changing it to L115 (the AWM's designation).
  • Acceptable Breaks from Reality: Addressed. In Real Life, double-action revolvers have a trigger delay, which was reflected in-game as a small delay between pressing fire and the revolver actually firing the bullet, seen in this video. Unfortunately, this is hard to emulate in a video game where players expect the gun to fire after pressing a button versus actually handling the gun and pressing the trigger to fire. With the "2.0" update, this was removed entirely, making the game closer to its Battlefield 3 counterpart.
  • Alternate Reality Game: The entire Phantom Assignment culminating with the Phantom Operative Assignment, which the requirements is spread out throughout the entire Final Stand DLC resulting in unlocking a compound bow, usable in your loadout.
  • Critical Existence Failure: Played mostly straight with infantry, who, aside from suppression (which is separate from your HP anyway), screen blood and reduced colouration can fight as well at 1% HP as they can at 100%, but completely averted with vehicles; first, there's critical hits: If you take at least 30% damage from a single attack, you suffer a Mobility Hit which makes you move slower and more awkwardly for 5-10 seconds, or if you take 40%, you suffer a Mobility Kill which completely immobilizes/stalls your vehicle for 5-10 seconds. Finally, when your vehicle is reduced to 10-15% armour, it becomes disabled, meaning it will be permanently in a state of mobility hit and if not repaired, will catch fire, burning away the last of its remaining HP.
  • Easter Egg: As per DICE tradition, plenty:
    • A T-Rex keychain can be seen hanging in Pac's van, during the starting sequence of the 'Shanghai' mission.
    • The much hyped Megalodon can be summoned in the multiplayer map, 'Nansha Strike'.
    • The Battlefield 4 Comunnity Test Environment's version of Paracel Storm brings back the Megalodon, this time leaping over the half-sunken aircraft carrier after triggering certain conditions.
  • Le Parkour: Players can leapfrog over waist-high barriers or climb waist-high platforms with this.
  • Multi-Platform: Released on the PC as well as both the current and next-gen Playstation and Xbox consoles.
  • Obvious Beta:
    • Despite hopes that BF4 would be 'polishing' BF3 and be near perfect, it is not. The game has tons of bugs, some returning from BF 3 and the single player apparently haven't been playtested, choppers fly into the mountainside during scripted events, in multiplayer the tv guided missile blowing up your own helicopter still exists. Singleplayer FOV is hardlocked at 60°.
    • The Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 versions of the game are ripe with graphical glitches, screen tearing, and texture pop-in. It also doesn't help that vehicles are even more overpowered than before, meaning that the majority of players in a 24 player match well spend most of their time cooped up in heavily armored tanks.
    • The PC version of the game constantly crashes server side, which wipes out the round for everyone in the server. One big example being Siege Of Shanghai crashing any time someone blows up the big central building.
    • There's also the still unpatched (as of version 1.02) bug reported on multiple platforms which sometimes fails to save/deletes your campaign progress. Cue Cluster F-Bomb when you choose resume campaign and hear Bonnie Tyler's "Total Eclipse of the Heart" start to play...
  • One Bullet Clips: Normally played straight the same way it has been since Battlefield: Bad Company, though there's an option (toggle-able normally, permanently on in Hardcore mode) where the game goes back to the classic way of dropping all the rounds left in a magazine (except for the one in the chamber) on a reload.
  • Orange/Blue Contrast: While toned down in general compared to Battlefield 3, the loading screens still feature the high orange and blue contrast and some of the singleplayer levels feature an absolutely blinding amount of contrast between bluish darkness and orangy lighting.
  • Rare Guns:
    • In an example of rare guns being used for Shown Their Work, BF 4 has multiple weapons that are based on the AK-12, but in completely different weapon classes. These include an LMG, a DMR, a carbine, and even a shotgun. These were all proposed alternate AK-12 variants which the AK-12 could become by switching out its modular components, including the barrel, rechambered in different calibers and used in different roles. Almost none of them were physically built, however, and the idea was dropped in the final AK-12 production version.
    • The famously rare Mateba Unica 6 is a new revolver added in the Dragon's Teeth expansion. The weapon's real life production is known to be extremely limited but no actual numbers are known, what is known however is that the number of Matebas in North America is in the single digits.
  • Regenerating Health: As per standard for a Modern Military Shooter. Notably, the HUD has an actual numerical health meter that shows your exact health, instead of simply relying on the standard Bloody Screen So Real (although the game has that too). This is rather unusual for a Modern Military Shooter single-player campaign, but it's been in the multiplayer for both Battlefield and Medal of Honor for a while.
  • Revolvers Are Just Better: The .44 Magnum and the MP412 REX] are the only revolvers in the game (unless you have DLC weapons), and usually kills enemies in 2 shots in both single-player and multi-player depending on range. For comparison, most assault rifles, carbines, and submachine guns require an average of 4-5 shots to kill enemy soldiers in single-player, and about as much in multi-player. The drawbacks are the low ammo capacity and lack of range.
  • Scenery Porn: The game impresses with the visuals, as seen in the Singleplayer demo.
  • Scenery Gorn: Reintroducing the ability to reduce a large building into a total rubble - with one show piece each map for you to blow up.

     Campaign Tropes 

  • Action Girl: Hannah, who is a female Chinese intelligence officer on some sort of close-protection detail. Irish eventually compliments her, noting most close-protection agents don't have her level of skill.note In the novel she's identified as Huang Shuyi, "a rising star" in the Ministry of State Security of the People's Republic of China.
  • All Your Base Are Belong to Us: Many times the Valkyrie gets boarded by Chang's men. Depends on what you do at the end, it potentially get destroyed.
  • Angry Black Man: Irish. Most his dialogue is angry accusations, angry threats, angry swearing, and angry orders.
  • Artistic License – Geography: Several jarring examples, especially during mission, Singapore.
    • Tombstone apparently lands near the mouth of the Singapore River near the Central Business District located on the southern end of the island nation, and slowly make their way towards the airport via tank escort followed by crossing a highway bridge before the convenient detour via ship collision on said bridge. The setting and locations are severely off from the actual places:
      • The nearest airports to the CBD are Sembawang and Payar Lebar Air Bases. Even so, the objective airfield is stated to specifically Changi International Airport, even further east of the city, a good 30 minutes travel by car, let alone a tank.
      • The airport is shown to be right next to the Central Business District. No airports can be seen from the vicinity of the city.
      • As Tombstone crosses the bridge, an overhead sign is seen with 'Payar Lebar' pointed in the direction of the city. Payar Lebar is an urban town located in the opposite direction to where the signboard points.
      • The sequence where Tombstone is swept to the airport's underbelly is downright impossible; there are no rivers from the CBD leading to Changi Airport, and even if they somehow got swept out to sea and landed right there, there must be devil currents, not to mention divine breath-holding skills at work here.
      • The Milan Tower, a background asset recycled from Battlefield 3 stands-in (albeit badly) for the much shorter Changi Air Traffic Control Tower.
      • All of the above can be chalked up to the developers fictionalizing small details of the small island nation, but then there's the fact that there is somehow a tropical typhoon occurring during the events of the mission. In a region that has not seen a disaster of that scale, ever.
  • Artistic License – Ships: Chang's warship in the final mission is none other than an Independence-class littoral combat ship with a modified, enclosed tower and the forward gun moved rearward closer to the tower, the giveaway being its extremely distinctive dagger-like forward hull shape and superstructure below the tower, plus the SeaRAM surface-to-air missile launcher behind the tower. And yet the game calls the ship a "destroyer."
  • Back for the Dead: Dima and Agent 'Whistler' Kovic both return from the Battlefield 3 campaign, only to die within their first appearances.
  • Big Bad: Admiral Chang
  • Bilingual Bonus:
    • There is lots of unsubtitled Mandarin dialogue, though certain key bits are story-relevantnote for example, Hannah telling the Chang-aligned troops that Pac is already dead so they should just grab Irish, one of the Chinese assault troops onboard the Valkyrie during the final mission comming to other Chinese troops that Jin Jie's still alive and aboard the Valkyrie, and even "Chang" actually being surnamed Zhang. However, the quality varies quite a bit, from being "very good" to "hilariously broken". The final story-important exchange on the Valkyrie is actually completely and utterly screwed in its grammar, becoming a minor meme on the Chinese community.
    • There's also some Russian dialogue in the 2nd-to-last mission when you fight Russian soldiers in Tashgar.
    • A smaller one in the case of the Hannah Dog Tag: she is indeed surnamed Huang, which lines up with the novel identifying her as Huang Shuyi.
    • The China Rising DLC trailer has one more: while the remaining subtitles actually match the narration, the "Confucius says" part isn't... but the narration begins with "Yuewang Goujian" — as in Goujian, King of Yue, the Chinese Trope Codifier for the subtitled-narration's "enduring their condescension and biding our time."
  • Bittersweet Ending: The best ending for the game sees Jin Jie alive and announcing his presence to his "brothers", and since him even showing his face is enough to instantly convert a couple of hardened PAC commandos to his side, it's a safe bet that Admiral Chang will soon find his powerbase split and massively reduced. So, peace with China seems likely... but Russia is still not backing down from a fight, Chang still has potentially millions of soldiers under his command, and worst of all, you're forced to sacrifice either Hannah or Irish in order to destroy the warship on the verge of blowing the Valkyrie to pieces.
    • Can veer into Downer Ending if you take too long deciding whom to sacrifice: if you do, the warship will finish its firing sequence and you get a front row seat to the destruction of the 'Valkyrie' and the death of Garrison, Jin Jie, Pac and everyone else. Not to mention Admiral Chang has eliminated the last obstacle to total control over China.
  • Crapsack World: It seems Dima and Blackburn's sacrifice in stopping Solomon was in vain with the US still fighting a war against Russia who's trying to overthrow the moderate government in China and replace it with one loyal to them. The Shanghai mission shows that much of China is chaos, with riots breaking out in the streets and the PLA enforcing martial law. Not to mention the Chinese have taken over MOST OF ASIA and the Suez Canal with little difficulty... and for no reason.
  • Easy Logistics: The Tombstone team is somehow able to go from a remote prison in the mountains of Tibet to some temperate Central Asian warzone ("Tashgar") in a mere two days. On the enemy side, Admiral Chang's forces manage to reduce an American aircraft carrier to a barely-adrift flaming wreck (even though this ship was out of range of the EMP that detonated and should have had a fully functioning escort) and near the end, a small army of Chinese soldiers and a destroyer are able to take over the Suez Canal, with apparently no resistance from the Egyptian military.
    • And if the level Singapore and some of the muliplayer levels are to be taken as canon, most of Southeast Asia have been taken with little resistance from their individual militaries.
  • Eiffel Tower Effect: For the Shanghai mission, the loading screen prominently displays a shot of the Oriental Pearl Tower. If you don't know what that is, see the page image for Shanghai.
  • EMP: Some kind of EMP bomb detonates in Shanghai, disabling much of the USS Valkyrie's systems.
  • Excuse Plot: Very little is explained about the background of the conflict, what Admiral Chang is after other than "kill Jin Jie", why Russia is backing him or how and why Dima from the previous game got captured by the Chinese.
    • You really have to have completed the campaign of Battlefield 3 to understand what's going on: the Russians are trying to draw the Chinese into attacking the US, forcing their opponents into a two-front war. They back Chang because he's willing to do it, while Chang needs to kill Jin Jie because he represents the peace movement (and is the rightful leader of China) and the PLA respects him far too much to disobey him. It's essentially escalation from the war presented in the previous game. Tombstone gets a better picture than most, but still doesn't see all of it.
  • Fake Defector: Hannah is actually a Jin Jie-aligned spook, but when things go belly-up in Singapore and Chang-aligned troops arrive, she pretends to be a Chang-aligned operative and allows them to take Irish and Recker captive, while telling them in Mandarin that the other is already deadnote hence Pac's survival and reappearance in the final mission; when Dima, Irish, and Recker make their escape from prison in the next level, she's with two soldiers who take them captive, only for her to shoot them both in the back and join with the escapees.
  • Featureless Protagonist: Unlike previous Battlefield campaigns, the player character is never shown, nor is any detailed background information given about them other than the name "Recker." The game takes place entirely from a first-person perspective, and the player never speaks. The whole silent protagonist shtick stops working after you become squad leader but still never say a word. It gets pretty stupid when all the conversations happen through your second in command and even when making your "final decision" not a word is said. Even Pac complains about it after Irish decides on his own to bring in nearly four-hundred Chinese refugees the recently-EMP'd Valkyrie would strain even under the best of conditions to accommodate, stating that unit cohesion gets ruined when subordinates go against what the leader decides like that - not that Recker apparently decides that applies to Tombstone in any way.
  • Four Is Death: Every time you have a full four-person squad, something very, very bad happens to one of them. In order: squadron leader Dunn loses a leg and then is KIA; CIA agent Kovic gets hit by an incoming attack helicopter on the Valkyrie's flight deck and bleeds out; Pac is left for dead after the squad is caught in the middle of a friendly airstrike in Singapore; then Dima is killed after the cable car the group escapes the prison in is shot off of its cables.
  • Gun Porn: Including all DLCs, Battlefield 4 has over 100 guns from all over the world.
  • Gratuitous Foreign Language: Dima inserts some Russian slang in his speech during the prison break.
  • Heavily Armored Mook: A downplayed example; LMG troopers wear heavy metal helmets that can deflect headshots, even from marksman rifles. Despite also wearing somewhat more pronounced body armor, though, if you aim for the torso or limbs they go down with about the same amount of lead as everybody else.
  • Hope Spot: Just when you think the injured SSgt. Dunn is going to make it home safely, you're forced to leave him behind in a sinking car.
  • Hostile Weather: Shortly after being hit by an EMP, the USS Valkyrie tries to limp home but has to take out an enemy airfield. With no electronic systems, the only way to get close enough to do so is to take advantage of a typhoon to approach on the ground. The characters frequently comment on the insanity (and necessity) of the action, and one nail-biting scene has Recker (you) get trapped and almost crushed by a car that's getting pushed around by the hurricane force winds. By the time you get to the airfield, of course, the weather has cleared and the planes are taking off to strike against the Valkyrie.
  • Hyperspace Arsenal: Not to the extent of a Doom-style shooter, but still the largest so far in a Battlefield series singleplayer campaign. You can manage to carry 2 different rocket launchers, 2 different long-arms, your grenades, and your knife all at the same time.
  • Ink-Suit Actor: The characters are modeled after their voice actors. Most apparent with Hannah (VA: Jessika Van) and Irish (VA: Michael K. Williams).
  • Ironic Echo: "For the wolf to survive, it's gotta chew off its own leg."
  • Jerk Ass: Kovic, the cliche obstructive CIA agent, hasn't changed one bit since the previous game.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Irish is foul-mouthed, blunt, and is often rude and distrustful towards Hanna. However, he acts the way he does towards Hanna because she's: A) replacing Dunn, whom Irish and Recker had known for years; B) joining the team under rather suspicious circumstances, which no one seems inclined to inform the rest of Tombstone about; and C) from a country that is, at this point, basically at war with the US. Once he realizes Hanna's motivations and that he was wrong about her, he does show a genuine desire to make up for his behaviour.
  • Left the Background Music On: One of the soldiers tries to turn off the radio (which was supposedly playing Total Eclipse of the Heart) as your car is sinking at the beginning of the game, saying he doesn't want to die to the tune of this song.
  • Life-or-Limb Decision: You have to cut off the leg of a fellow Marine in order to escape near the end of the first mission. He ends up dying 10 minutes later anyway.
    • Ends up with a callback in one of the campaign achievements later: after blowing up the dam and finally escaping from behind enemy lines to go save Jin Jie, you get the A Trapped Wolf Will badge, signifying that Tombstone will do whatever it takes to carry out their mission, no matter how crazy or costly to themselves.
  • Made of Iron: This is the only explanation as to how the Tombstone team was able to survive:
    • A 100-foot fall onto solid concrete.
    • Falling off a bridge into water twice, and swept by rough currents for an undetermined amount of time the second time it happens.
    • A cable car being shot up by an attack helicopter and crashing down a snowy mountain, which conveniently only Dima dies from.
    • Being on an exploding dam, falling hundreds of feet into a raging river while giant chunks of concrete are landing all around them, and waking up without a scratch.
  • Meaningful Name: Your squad of Marines is called Tombstone. Irish's real name is also revealed to be Kimble Graves. This may or may not become significant, depending on whether or not you decide to sacrifice Irish at the end to destroy Chang's flagship.
  • Men Are the Expendable Gender: Your decision to to send Irish instead of Hannah to plant the C4 becomes harder after you learned earlier in the campaign that Irish has a wife and three kids back home waiting for him.
  • Multiple Endings: There are three endings available. The name of the achievement to see all endings is Patience is a virtue.
  • Non-Indicative Name: Irish doesn't drink, didn't go to Notre Dame and is pretty clearly not of Irish descent. He seems to be about to divulge the reason for his nickname, but gets fultoned out before he can say it.
  • Noodle Incident: Pac would rather not elaborate on how he barely survived the bridge crash in Singapore after everyone thought he was dead. All he'll say for certain is that it apparently involved crawling through actual shit with untreated wounds.
  • No One Gets Left Behind: Irish's mindset.

    Irish: We are not leaving you behind! No one gets left behind!

  • No Sidepaths, No Exploration, No Freedom: There seems to have been a conscious effort to try to avert this, at least to some degree. Although the missions themselves are still very much linear, there are quite a few areas that feature wide-open battlefields which present multiple paths and opportunities to flank, snipe, or do whatever you want instead of being railroaded down a specific path.
  • Only Known by Their Nickname: Irish is the only member of Tombstone Squad who goes by a call-sign instead of just his name. Hannah wrongly guesses the name comes from him being incredibly lucky, a scotch drinker, or an alumni of Notre Dame. He gets interrupted before he can flat-out say it, but it's strongly hinted that the name comes from him having a fear of heights.
  • Offstage Villainy: You never interact with Admiral Chang, the Big Bad, at any point in the game. He can be seen giving a speech on a giant videoscreen in Shanghai, and is also in the background watching your interrogation when Tombstone gets captured, but he otherwise plays no direct role in the game. Even the cruiser at the end of the game is just one of his ships: he's not necessarily on it.
  • Remember the New Guy: Somehow, the game manages to do this with an actual reoccurring character in Agent Kovic, who comes back from Sergeant Blackburn's interrogation in Battlefield 3. Problem is he's not recognizable by name because the previous game never thought his name was important enough for the player to ever learn it, and he's not recognizable by personality because his personality was/is that of a cookie-cutter Obstructive Bureaucrat who stubbornly refuses to entertain such silly notions as the Cold War having been over for two decades or that a CIA agent known to have committed multiple atrocities, some on-camera, could possibly be rogue. The best he's got is that they didn't change his voice and appearance on top of it, like with Dima.
  • Save This Person, Save the World: Tombstone's ultimate task is to save the rightful president of China, the peacemaker Jin Jie, to prevent a global war between the U.S. and China.
    • If the multiplayer is anything to go by, it doesn't actually work, at least not immediately, but it's identified as the first step.
  • Screw the Rules, I'm Doing What's Right!: Irish bringing 400 Chinese refugees (mostly women and children) on to the USS Valkyrie. He gets chewed out for this later because it wasn't his call to make and the USS Valkyrie does not have the staff or supplies to handle that many refugees.
    • In addition, Recker gets chewed out (off-screen) for not controlling his subordinate, causing him to lose command of Tombstone.
  • "Shaggy Dog" Story: Originally pointed out in the Fishing in Baku trailer, it turns out the entire first mission is this.

    So... Staff Sergeant Dunn was KIA for something we already knew?

  • Shoot Out the Lock: Averted. On the Titan, Tombstone comes across a pair of sailors trapped underneath a grate in rising water. When told to leave them behind, Irish attacks Kovic in anger and futilely attempts to shoot the grate open which doesn't work and then is forced to leave them behind without any further comment.
  • Soundtrack Dissonance: Bonnie Tyler's "Total Eclipse of the Heart" is the first thing you hear upon starting the game... while you & and your squad are trapped in a sinking car. It's also lampshaded, as the first line of dialogue you hear in the game is Pac noting that he doesn't want to die to that song.
  • Sudden Sequel Death Syndrome: Dima returns and helps you escape from the Chinese prison, only to apparently die in a cable car crash.
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Battlefield 4: Second Assault Assignments Guide

If you are not a registered member of the site yet and found this guide helpful,
please consider joining the forums!

Multiplayer assignments in Second Assault DLC are optional objectives for players to complete in order to unlock various awards, including, the DLC weapons. None of these assignments are required for any of the Second Assault DLC trophies, so if you’re only interested in the DLC trophies, please visit my Second Assault Trophy Guide. Any feedback is highly appreciated since some assignments are buggy/glitched.

Please note that in order to be eligible to complete these assignments you must own the DLC and be at least multiplayer rank 10 or 20 (depends on assignment). Also note that some assignments can only be completed on certain DLC maps.

**Important** Whenever assignments are referring to either Caspian or Firestorm towers, they are the tallest tower in each map.
  • The Caspian Border tower is located at D flag in Conquest Large (C flag in CQ Small)
  • The Operation Firestorm tower is located at C flag for both Conquest Small and Large.

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Assignment 1 – Fire Starter

Map specific: Operation Metro/Caspian Border

This one is easy and is related to Torched trophy. Just like when going for the trophy, find old grass in either of the eligible maps and use Engineer’s Repair Tool to start a fire. You have to ignite total of 5 fires in order to complete this assignment.

Reward: Fire Starter "camouflage"

Assignment 2 – Dead Stop

Map specific: Caspian Border

You must get a shotgun ribbon (a single ribbon requires 6 kills with a shotgun in a round) and you have to raise/lower the border gate which are located near B Flag in Conquest Large (A Flag in Conquest Small). Both of these requirements must be done in the same round!

It’s fairly easy, just pick a shotgun of your choice and stick to the flag areas for kills. I suggest avoiding medium/long range fights and instead flank enemies or use cover and wait for the enemies pursue and get close to you. For the gate, just activate the control switch with button to raise/lower it.

Reward: DAO-12 (Shotgun)

Assignment 3 – Express Train

Map specific: Operation Metro

For this assignment you must get:
  1. an Assault Rifle ribbon (6 kills with an assault rifle in a round);
  2. 2 Kill Assist ribbons (a single ribbon requires you to get 5 kill assists, which means, you have to get at least 10 kill assists for the assignment requirement);
  3. get 10 kills inside the Metro, which means that kills gotten in the outside area will not count.

Note that assignments #2 and #3 must be done in the same round! Requirement #1 can be completed either along with #2 and #3 or before on a different map. I suggest going for all assignments in the same round because the Assault Rifle ribbon will come naturally when going for 10 kills. It’s important to know that if you complete requirements #2 and #3 without having completed #1, the assignment will not unlock.

I suggest playing Capture The Flag game-mode for this assignment because it takes place solely inside the Metro (bar the RU spawn which is outside) so all kills will count towards requirement #3. Furthermore, CTF games tend to last longer (unless the teams are ridiculously unbalanced) and are more chaotic which is handy when going for kill assists.

Start by going for 10 kills with an Assault rifle that way completing Requirements #1 and #3. After getting the kills comes the hard part – getting 2 kill assist ribbons. In order to get a kill assist you must injure an enemy player up to 74% (assist counts as a kill starting from 75% of damage) and a teammate has to finish the enemy off. This was one of the most frustrating assignments so I highly suggest handicapping yourself when going for the kill-assist. Just stick with teammates/squad-mates (preferably with those who aren’t blind goats and know how to shoot a gun) and either hip-fire or use semi-automatic mode in gun-fights. Originally, I assumed that kill-assists would come naturally but eventually realized that getting 10 kill assists is one of the most dumb and frustrating assignment requirements in the entire game.

Reward: F2000 (Assault Rifle)

Assignment 4 – Co-pilot

An easy assignment that can be done on any map and in a course of multiple multiplayer matches. All you have to do is spend a total of 10 minutes in helicopters and get 10 squad repair bonuses. For squad repairs a neat trick you can use is to repair your own vehicle. For example, spawn in a buggy, transport or scout helicopter, purposefully damage it by crashing into a rock/wall/ground, etc., switch to 3rd seat and repair your own vehicle. You have to be in a squad for the bonus. Naturally, it's easier just to fix your other squad-mate vehicles but if you’re impatient and your squad-mates aren’t using any vehicles, the trick may come in handy.

Reward: AS VAL (PDW)

Assignment 5 – Dust Devil

Map specific: Gulf of Oman

For this assignment you have to get an Anti-Vehicle ribbon and destroy 5 vehicles in Gulf of Oman. Because the ribbon requires destroying only 2 vehicles, you'll get it naturally while going for the other requirement. This assignment is a piece of cake as there are many vehicles on Gulf of Oman at your disposal. Just drive around in a tank/LAV, be either an engineer or support and go for enemy vehicles. If you’re a good pilot, you can use air vehicles as well. You don’t have to stick to a single strategy; all that matters is that you get 5 vehicle destroyed bonuses.

Reward: M60-E4 (LMG)

Assignment 6 - Eagle’s Nest

Map Specific: Caspian Border/Operation Firestorm only

Arguably the hardest assignment in entire DLC. For this one you have to get a Sniper Rifle Ribbon (get 6 kills with sniper rifles in a round) and kill 5 enemies from the tall towers located in Caspian Border and Operation Firestorm. Technically you don’t have get those 5 kills from the tower with a sniper rifle so, in theory, you could get those kills with something like a SRAW and then get a sniper rifle ribbon by simply running around. I do not suggest this strategy though, solely for the reason that round will most likely end before you manage to complete both requirements. The best strategy to use is to find a pick-up sniper rifle (the over-powered ones that kill people in a single body shot) then snipe people from the towers. Because it's an almost guaranteed OHK, you won't have to worry about going for headshots. There’s a pick-up sniper rifle on the Caspian Tower, there are also other snipers located on flags.

When it comes to map, I'd recommend Firestorm over Caspian. Unless you have a dedicated buddy that will stop people from destroying the Caspian Border’s tower, you might as well not bother. Under the Caspian tower there’s a laptop, when you press next to it, it will activate tower’s self-destruct mechanism which will start to count down and upon the timer reaching zero, the tower will get destroyed. You can tell that the self-destruct mechanism is activated by the sound of sirens. Rather than enemies being the main problem, the most frustrating part about this assignment was dealing with teammates, trying to destroy the tower for absolutely no reason. A good thing to know is that when the other faction captures the flag with tower, timer will reset. The only thing to worry about on Firestorm's tower is the burn-off which isn’t a big deal because it only burns the platform at the very top. Just chill on platforms below as there’s no other disadvantage to Firestorm's tower besides enemies trying to climb up it and visit you so bring claymores with you.

Reward: GOL Magnum (Sniper Rifle)

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Silver Assignments

Assignment 7 – Air Mail

Game-mode specific: Capture The Flag

Note that you must first complete Co-Pilot assignment in order to unlock this one. You can only do this assignment in Capture The Flag game-mode and you must be the chopper pilot in order to complete the assignment. Interesting is that the teammate whom I had picked up and transported back to our base, died before scoring, however, a different teammate picked up the dropped flag and scored which then counted towards my assignment completion. Due to the buggy nature of the game and assignments, I'm unsure whether it’s supposed to work that way or not. Feedback appreciated.

Reward: DPM6 (Camouflage)

Assignment 8 - Scorched

Map Specific: Operation Firestorm only

For this assignment you have to kill an enemy using the tower burnoff in Operation Firestorm. You activate it by pressing a button (by pressing ) located at the very bottom of the tower and flames kill anyone located at the very top platform.

Honestly, I had to boost this simply because I couldn’t find a single enemy dumb enough to sit on the top platform when there are multiple other platforms right under it without any disadvantages what so ever. After you’ve activated the burnoff button, it will actually take several seconds for flames to shoot out and the tower will have sirens and warning lights going off, giving enough time to any person with common sense to bail from the top platform. On top of that, it takes several (about 3) hits to kill an enemy with the flames.

Reward: Extra Crispy Dog Tag

Assignment 9 – Re-Mastered

A very easy assignments by itself as you only need to get 25 kills with each Second Assault DLC gun. If you want to hasten the assignment, you can join either TDM or Domination server as they’re more gun-fight focued game-modes. The hard part is unlocking all of the guns. For that, refer to other assignments in this guide.

Reward: Trade Master Dog Tag

Assignment 10 – Perfect Landing

Map specific: Caspian Border/Operation Border

For this assignment, you have to spend total of 10 hours playing on Second Assault maps and then get a kill-streak of 10 and land on the top of either of Caspian/Firestorm towers (See Post #1 if you’re unsure of the tower locations).

Requirements #2 and #3 must be the in the same round! Based on experience with other assignments, I highly suggest only attempting going for #2 and #3 after you’ve completed Requirement #1.

Originally Posted by snoogans777
It would be wise to land on tower first, then get kill streak. If you die after landing - it’s ok, you can still get kill-streak.

You can do 10 kill streak first and then land on tower BUT you need to stay alive and either get back to your spawn area to get a helicopter or have someone pick you up (way too risky).
**Exploit** For landing on the tower part, there is an exploit you can use. Rather than parachuting and landing on the top of tower yourself, simply spawn as Recon with MAV equipped. Land the MAV on the top of tower and it will count towards the assignment (thanks to Superkiwi for the tip).

For kill-streaks I advise using tanks, it also helps to have a reliable gunner who is an engineer with repair torch. Take out enemies from distance, flank and don’t risk running in the middle of flags. Naturally you can use other vehicles of your choice or even go infantry but tanks should be your safest bet.

Personally, I'd recommend doing this assignment on Operation Firestorm because unlike Caspian's tower, Firestorm’s tower can't be destroyed. As everything else in the game, this assignment is a bit finicky/buggy, particularly, the landing on a tower bit. I landed on Firestorm's tower and had a friend pick me up with a tank. After getting a kill-streak of 12 (2 kills above the requirements), the assignment still wasn’t popping up so I drove back to base for a chopper and landed on the tower again. Only then the assignment counted.

The game is very inconstant when it comes to the tower bit. You don't necessarily have to land at the very top platform, but as I said, the game sometime doesn't recognize the tower landing for no obvious reasons. Note that, if Caspian's Tower gets destroyed – landing on the top of the ruined tower will not count.

Reward: Jump Master Dog Tag

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