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My School Library

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We have a very big library in our school. It is so big that there are four librarians. There are books of all possible subjects in this library. From Class 4 onwards there is a library period once every week.
For sStudents of higher classes, that is from 8th standard onwards, there are two periods a week and for 11th and 12th three days a week.

Library is a place of calm and tranquility. Our teachers make sure that we use the library fruitfully by giving us assignments that needs reference work. So we are very much obliged to do the necessary work by visiting the library as many times as possible. Although I hated it in the beginning, now, I do well understand the knowledge I unknowingly acquire. The books I like to read in my spare time are Chemistry and Biology books. The first time I had library period in 4th std. I was too excited. On seeing so many books together my excitement knew no bounds. My voice also knew no bounds and after warning me many times, I was given a special place to stand, that is out of the library, till the period ended. After that I knew the rules to be followed when in a library.

In our school, one of the librarians brings the students to the library from the respective class, so that the pupils maintain the decorum by not disturbing the other classes. The same is maintained to send the pupils to their respective classes. In our school the role of the librarian is very unique. He makes sure that the students who come to the library during the respective library hour read a newspaper for the first fifteen minutes. This is compulsory for students of higher classes. So, I can proudly say that the students of our school are good readers. Here the saying goes true that everyone grows but those who read and grow will flourish! So why not read and grow!!I am in class ten. The fact that after two years I would be out into the world all by myself, makes me sad. I owe my reading habit to the librarians of our school. The best place in the school is this library. I think this is one of the best libraries in the world, so I love my school and its library.


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Our School Library

A library is a temple of learning. A book is the life blood of an author. A book is a treasure of wisdom. So for having the best book every school  has a library. A library is a place where books on different subjects are kept. The school library is for the use of  students and teachers.

Our school has a good library. It is housed in a big hall. The books are kept in many big wooden almirahs. Our librarian manages the library. He arranges books. The  almirahs have glass panes. Besides text books we have books on travels, biographies, history, geography, science etc, in each library almirah. Topics of Subjects are written to find books easily. Different subjects and Topics have different codes.

All the books are arranged subject –wise. Each almirah has a catalogue. One almirah has books on teaching and reference books. They are only for teachers.

There is a class library system in our school. The students do not get the books directly from the librarian. Once a month the class teacher goes to the library. He selects four or five sets of books for his class students. The sets are well- graded. The teacher finds no difficulty in the selection of books. Each set has thirty books. The teacher issues the books once a week to the students in the class library period. The students are expected to read these books during the week. They return them in the  following week. Nobody is allowed to keep a book for more than two weeks.

Our library has a reading room. It is full of tables and chairs. The newspapers magazines and periodicals are placed on the big tables for the use of boys. The walls of the room are  decorated with good mottos and paintings. There is a row of photos of different authors, poets who developed their life for literature and are known at world and Indian level.

The school library is a good way to give general knowledge to the boys. Students beget studious habits. It creates a taste for good books after school life. Biographies from character of  the students. the library creates love for books among the weak boys. It gives chance to make best use of the leisure time. It gives us day –to-day news of the world. Different reference books and dictionaries make our library very rich.

I ma, in fact, proud of my school library. I have learnt punctuality, regularity, habit of hard working and moral teachings from books. It has created love in me for books. A good library in indeed an asset to a school. Our school library hall is very decorated and attractive. We never feel tired here. Beside it, there is class library. We have also poor boys library from where we can borrow books for a whole session.   


Essay No. 2

Our School Library

                 I study in a big school. The library in the school is also a very big one. It has over 50,000 books in it. It is on the first floor of our school and occupies almost half the floor. The classrooms are all on the ground floor. This keeps the library calm and quiet and the noise of the students does not reach here.

            The library is huge hall and divided into sections with glass partitions. It has a reading room and one room for the librarian and the staff of the library.

            Different sections in the hall are meant for different kinds of books which are placed on iron shelves. One section is meant for languages, one for literature, one for humanities, on for sciences, for sports and so on.

            All kinds of books are available in our school library such as books on literature, history, civics, mathematics, physics, chemistry, painting, music, sports, magic, geography, zoology etc.

            The biggest section of books in the library contains children’s books. These books cover stores, adventure, fairy tales etc.

            I visit the library very often because it is a charming place; I sit and read a book in my free period. Once a week we get a chance to issue a book of our choice.

            The library also contributes to a number of magazines and newspapers. A book is given to a student for a week. We have to look after the book and not let it get torn. The magazines and newspapers have to read in the library itself.

            Our librarian is a kind man. He helps us locate the books we need. In case of any problems he consults the catalogue to help the students in locating a book of their choice.

I like my school library very much.      

Essay No. 3

My School Library

 A library is a must for a good school. No school is complete without a library. A well equipped library is a great asset to a school. It is equally useful for students and teachers both. It helps to develop reading habit. It increases their knowledge. For teachers too , a school library is of great use.  

It is generally seen that in spite of the library facilities available in good schools, the students rarely take benefit out of it. Very few students and teachers are seen absorbed in studies in the  libraries. The causes can be many. The work- load on the students is so much that they do not get any time to look for books and magazines or they do not find the matter available in the books catering to their taste. Whatever the reason may be, the trend is quite unhealthy and needs attention.

We are fortunate to have a very good library in our school. Our school library is  housed in a spacious room on ground floor. It is divided into two sections. One section contains books for students while in the other section there are reference books for teachers. The reading room is adjacent to the Library Room.   

There are separate tables and chairs for students and teachers where they can sight and read books. The reading room has a large round table. Chairs are arranged around it. The reading room is supplied with a number of Newspapers and Magazines. there are six newspaper stands on which newspapers are placed. Magazines and journals are placed on the table. The reading Room can accommodate more than fifty persons at a time. 

There are more than fifteen thousand books in our school library. Books are arranged serially and subject wise in almirahs. The name of the subject and that of the language are written on the alimirahs. Each students is issued a Library Card. At a time , a student is issued a library Card. At a time , a student can get two books form the library. Books are issued for a period of two weeks. Dictionaries and reference books are not issued.  

Books are issued to the students during school hours only. Each class has its turn once a week Besides, two periods a week are allotted to each class for the Reading Room. Students can read newspapers and magazines in their vacant periods and during the recess also.

Our librarian knows all the books in the library. He is very gentle and kind- hearted.  He is always ready to guide the students in the  selection of books. An assistant helps the librarian in his work.

Our school library is a place of great attrition  for students as well as teachers. Most of the students devote their vacant periods to reading newspapers and magazines. this has helped a lot in improving the school discipline. Teachers to spend their spare time in the library. They refresh their knowledge. Thus high educational standards in our school are the result of an excellent library.

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